Photographer – HumbleDryers

July  2019

Levenshulme,  July 2019

Photographer – Stitched

February  2019

Harrogate,  February 2019

Director – Come ‘here You Daft Cow!

March – July 2018

Manchester Fringe show written by Paige Gadsby (SillyWoman) as part of North South Creative

The Kings Arms,  July 2018

 Sound Design/ Event Tech – The Sleeping Princess

Creating an  immersive sound scape for live theatre performance and event tech operation

Anthony Burges Foundation – July 2018

Photographer/Videographer – Motherlogs

July 2018

Photographer – Flushed

July  2018

53Two,  July 2018

Director – Un named Queer Drama (Pre Production)

March 2018 – Present

Written by Paige Gadsby (SillyWoman) as part of North South Creative

Photographer – To Be Frank

Feb 2018 – March 2018

Directed by Paige Gadsby (SillyWoman) written by Sophie Poulston

53Two, 16th March 7.30pm

Director – Alice in the Digital Day Dream 

Feb 2017 – May 2017

Mixed media performance piece

Texture, 19th May 7.30pm

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