An up and coming Blackpool covers artist contact me asking for photos, and some videos (including a showreel), at the time he was working in local clubs and events but wanted to branch out to making his own music and better paid gigs.

The most impressive thing about the video below is the audio, which I recored live on Blackpool beach with the Edirol 100r – the quality of the audio recorder blows me away every time I use it. Its also worth mentioning that this was filmed in WINTER and it was FREEZING on the beach.

Check out a link to his showreel below.

(edit 2014)
James is now signed to a recording company in NY USA and is well on the way to making his first EP, it was a real privilege to work with him so early in his career. He also performed at Lytham Proms 2014 after winning the talent competition Lytham’s got Talent 2014.

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