I are really excited to be launching my Crowd Funding campaign with Indiegogo for my first ever Manchester Fringe stage show! We are going to the Manchester Fringe this summer with our own original show. Written by Paige Gadsby and directed by myself as part of the NorthSouth Creative program.

Come ‘ere you Daft Cow explores female friendships, mental health, crappy sexual encounters and the fact everything can be solved with pizza and margaritas! This piece explores not only female narratives which in 2018 are still few and far between! It also explores the impact that university and the pressure to succeed can have on students mental health and how no one really prepares you for when life doesn’t turn out quite the way you planned.



Every person who donates is making a massive difference to our production- and in return we want to give you something back. It goes without saying that everyone who donates gets our gratitude, but donate a little bit more and there are some cool things up for grabs too!

We have some really great perks for everyone who choses to donate to the show including; social media shout outs, swag bags, VIP tickets and our everlasting gratitude.

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